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Are Your Emotions Causing Your Backache?

Have a look at the Emotion Body Map below. It details the emotion and the effect that emotion has on your body.

Click on image to make bigger.

How do you release these emotions and relieve the aches and pains?

A good strategy that I find works is to acknowledge the emotion. For example, if you have an ache in your shoulders (emotion of burden/responsibility) that just wont go away ask yourself the following the questions:

  • What responsibilities do I have?
  • Am I taking on too much?
  • Am I feeling responsible for someone else s’ actions?
  • What can I do to feel less burdened?
  • Can I ask for help/assistance?

I think once you have identified the link between your emotions and your body you can move forward in a positive way enabling your body to release that energy. Thus releasing your backache.

Thank you.
Yours in Health.

In my next blog I will discussing stress and how it effects your body. And some tips on managing your stress.
Positive affirmation of the week.

Control your own emotions rather than have others control it for you.

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